Tazawa Press Conference

Last night, Junichi spoke to me after the game.

Junichi Tazawa transcript (May 12, 2009) after start in Trenton

6 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 7 SO – improved to 4-2 (4-0 on
the road)…has won three straight starts on the road and owns 3 of 4 quality
starts for the team.

Q:  After last start
you wanted to throw your fastball more, did you throw it as much as you wanted
to tonight?
JT: Yes I did.  I felt like it was coming
along good and I was able to throw it more for strikes.

Q: Your approach on 2 strike counts?
JT: I throw many split-finger fastballs today with two strikes.

Q: Are you feeling more comfortable with that pitch?
JT: Today the mound was high and the angle was nice to throw the split (finger

Q: Getting more confidence in your overall stuff?
JT: Right now I have good communication with catcher (John Otness) so my
confidence level keeps going up.

Q: Mounds in Japan higher?
JT: It depends on ballpark.   But today’s
mound was very high.

Q: How do you like pitching on the road?
JT: I like to throw at home (Hadlock Field, Portland, ME) because I get to see
more fans and hear them cheering. 

Q: Have you noticed the difference in the atmosphere at home
from other teams in the league?
JT: I’m a challenger, so it’s different everywhere I go.

Q: You faced Trenton for the first time…is that an advantage
not seeing these hitters?
JT: Trenton is a Yankees affiliate, I was thinking the fans were going to be a
lot tougher but I had a lot of confidence going into tonight.

Q: Are you communicating with friends and family often?
JT: By e-mail everyday but not by phone.

Q: How’s your English coming along?
JT: Not so good.

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