Getting Ready for the Fort…

Yes, Yes, I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon for the lovely city of Fort Myers to enjoy a week in the sun and cover the Portland Sea Dogs.  I promise to update this blog everyday and provide some interesting features and hopefully provide some breaking news.

Below is the Portland Sea Dogs Spring Training Schedule
Earlier this morning I was on WGME-TV 13 in Portland, Maine. I was able to some live traffic reports for the station this past off-season and got to meet some great people.  One of the producers I knew was celebrating her last day before a big move to New Hampshire.  I had a great time, TV is a lot of fun.
I will check in later on tomorrow before I leave for Florida!


What are the lineups like now? Are players still mixed up between AAA/AA/A or has everything settled down as to where players will be starting the season?

I’m not sure, I’ll be down there starting tomorrow and I’ll try to update everything from the big leagues to Single-A.

But most of the guys are probably playing a level up with so many guys still in major league camp.

We need more iignshts like this in this thread.

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