A fraternity business

a play-by-play broadcaster, it is always a sad day when a fellow broadcaster
passes away.  In this business, we all feel tied together, like a college
fraternity.  With Ernie Harwell passing away yesterday, I was so amazed to
hear all the stories about him and how much he loved life and loved baseball.
 Joe Castiglione and Dave O’Brien talked about Ernie for an entire inning
on their broadcast and I will have a special Ernie tribute from those guys on
my pre-game show tonight.  


With what happened
last night, it reminded me of a former college when I worked in the Midwest
League named Mike Lockert.  Mike was the voice of Notre Dame Hockey and
called games for the South Bend Silver Hawks.  His story is below, I’m not
trying to be a downer, but Mike was a great person and I want to share his




I’ll have a special
spot in my heart tonight for Ernie and all of the broadcast colleagues who have
passed away, not just for their broadcast abilities, but for how they’ve
touched so many people.  I love the old-time broadcasters because they
seem like fans who were calling baseball.  I didn’t get to hear Ernie much
but from clips I’ve heard online he sounded special.

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