A special to the blog

A special to my blog from Sea Dogs Media Assistant Greg Cavavaugh

Jacoby Ellsbury and Mike Cameron

Deliver Big League Smiles to Hadlock 

It is always a great deal of fun and
excitement in Portland when a big leaguer makes his way down to Hadlock
Field for a rehab stint.  So you could imagine the hoopla when
Jacoby Ellsbury and Mike Cameron both found themselves here at the same
time during the Sea Dogs’ latest homestand which ran from May

Obviously, as a Sox fan I would prefer
for them to be healthy and roaming the greens of Fenway Park together,
but I must admit it was something special to see two-thirds of the Sox
starting outfield at Hadlock on Thursday May 20th
And something tells me I could find at least 7,368 people who would
agree with me on that.

We know that Ellsbury and Cameron did
rather well for themselves during their two games and three games
Ellsbury went 3-7 (.429) with two runs scored, while Cameron was 5-13
(.385) with two homers, including saying good-bye to Portland with a
walk-off jack in the bottom of the 10th inning on May 23rd

to down the Trenton Thunder.

Perhaps the only thing more impressive
than the finale to Portland’s big league homestand was watching Ellsbury

and Cameron interact with the thousands of fans who packed Hadlock

Before his first game with Portland
on May 18th against the New Britain Rock Cats, Jacoby
took the time to stand at the top of the Sea Dogs’ dugout to sign
anything and everything fans could throw at him.  From balls, to
ticket stubs, to blank pieces of white paper, it didn’t matter what
you had, Jacoby was spilling some ink on it.

The fans returned the favor saluting
Jacoby with standing ovations each time he came to the plate. Naturally,

Ellsbury threw his hand up and acknowledged the Hadlock faithful, many
of whom seemed to have coincidentally found Ellsbury jerseys on their

However, Ellsbury wasn’t the only
big leaguer having fun with the fans.  Mike Cameron lit up the
faces of fans young and old even more often than he lit the lighthouse
in center field.  Cameron sat out a double-header with Trenton
on Saturday May 22nd, but rather than getting comfy on a
couch in the clubhouse, he decided to take a seat behind the autograph
table in the concourse to sign autographs for fans pregame.

Unfortunately for Cameron, he wouldn’t
be so lucky when he was looking for a seat in the middle of the fourth
inning on Sunday during our Musical Chairs promotion.  The 37-year
old major league veteran could not beat out our lively young contestants

when he tried to sneak his way into one of our fine inflatable chairs.
Due to our rules, he was immediately ejected from Musical Chairs and
sent to center field.  Perhaps this loss fired him up enough to
go deep in the 10th, at least that’s how I see it.

Needless to say, having bona fide Red
Sox talent come through Hadlock was a spectacle.  Having these
guys around just added a new level to the pageantry that makes minor
league baseball so unique and inviting to all baseball fans.  It
is just refreshing to see that despite the fact that they are here to
get healthy and back to Boston as soon as possible, they still take
the time to give back to the fans and give them a special show that
they’ll remember for years to come. 

This homestand won’t soon leave the
minds of Sea Dogs fans, that’s for sure.

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