Sea Dogs’ Family in Japan, Going Live on UStream tonight

Tonight around 6:15 PM EST, I will test my new UStream Page.  I will be working at a radio station in Portland, Maine, producing the Boston Bruins’ game, so I will be able to chat at times.  I want to test this.  Hope to have you join me.  We can talk about anything.

Good afternoon from lovely Old Orchard Beach Maine where temps neared 50 degrees, but that was accompanied by some heavy rain.  Am I complaining?  No.  I actually enjoy rain (not on game days), but I was very shocked to wake up and find out what happened in Japan today.

People ask me all the time, “What is the best part of working in baseball?” I think they might be surprised when I say it’s not the radio part.  At one time, that’s all that mattered, but I’ve met and developed some friendships that will last a lifetime.  My best friend is the same person that hired me 15 years ago, and is now an accomplished radio broadcaster in the NHL.  We talk 3 to 4 times a week, and it’s always about life, friends and family.  We do talk a little sports, but that is expected.
My first thoughts this morning after hearing about the horrible events in Japan was a friend of mine that was once the head trainer in Portland – Masai Takahashi.  Masai and his wife are both from Japan, and I was happy to talk with him via text message earlier today.  All of their family members are safe.  
These are the days that put things in prospective.  I wish the best to Dice-K, Okajima and the other Japanese players, coaches and staff with the Red Sox.  This has to be a very tough day for them.
Top 5 things I’ve enjoyed this off-season.
1. Going to Disney – was my first time, and went with my entire family.
2. Getting asked by my brother-in-law on X-Mas eve to be the Godfather of my niece…I don’t do a good impression.
3. Eating healthier, and sticking to a good workout program.  I still like my doritos, movie theatre popcorn and ice cream.  It’s all about moderation.
4. Feel so blessed to watch the best quarterback in Patriots’ history.  When I grew up the Patriots’ home games were never on.  Also, just enjoying the Celtics and Bruins.
5. Getting the opportunity to announce UNE Women’s Basketball.  Division III basketball doesn’t get the ink as Division I, but this is a special program.  They had a phenomenal season.

Top 5 things I’m looking forward to this season.
1. Going to Spring Training.  It’s awesome, getting to catch up with guys I won’t see during the year is the best part.
2. Starting back in the office on Monday.  I love going to the ballpark, and look forward to getting to know my co-workers again…ha ha.  
3. Spending everyday with new Sea Dogs’ Manager Kevin Boles….The two of us were both together in Utica back in 2001.  Also excited to have Bob Kipper, Dave Joppie and Paul Buchheit back.
4. The new players that will be joining us.  It’s fun to watch the development of players.  This is the level that usually tells it all.
5. Seeing the new renovations in Reading.  Oh, and Erie has a new team hotel.  That’s big in our business.  Just changes things up.

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