Monday, Monday!

I’m having way too much fun with technology.  My current android phone (I’ll probably switch to an iphone) is able to change the color scheme when I record video – below is what Hadlock Field would look like back in the day.
It was very weird to see snow today, after having so many nice days, but this is Maine.  Nothing will top a few years ago when we had two feet of snow on the field. I hope we never see a day like that again.
This is my second week back in the office, and I feel like a kid.  Well, I kind of have a young personality for someone almost 40, but I’ll never change.  I’m looking forward to the 2011 season for the Sea Dogs, and the entire Red Sox organization.  This could be one special season.
-Later this week, I’ll have some specials interviews from Spring Training…I’ll be leaving for Ft. Myers on Friday night, and I will tweet, facebook, blog, you name it.  
-Sea Dogs luncheon is on Friday and you’ll be able to watch it live on YouTube.
-How about Nate Spears this spring?  He’s been fun to watch.
Okay, now down to serious business.  Sell me on the iphone…ha ha.

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