Fan’s Blog

Last week, I thought it would be a good idea to hear some stories from the fans. I was looking for great moments at Hadlock Field, or any interest baseball stories. We have a few:

Andrew says: A good memory not to do with the actual game i had was when the attendance was 5555.

Shelia and Tony: Going to see David Ortiz play was a thrill of a lifetime.

Hi There ,
My wife and I some seven years ago went to see the Red Sox at Fenway. We were expecting a baby and was truly excited to be at the game, what fun we had ,a memorable day it was. We wanted a sovenier and decided on an engraved bat…we put our family name, first names and of course baby Daniels, still kicking inside Mom. To this day, we have a blast about this bat, because even though the engaving and layout is perfect, baby Daniels turned into two babies…we had Twins 3 months later. WOW ! Explaining this “BAT “to our seven years old twins today is still a Joy, because really what do we know , Fenway magic had done us in yet again. This Fenway Gem is Priceless …we really hit it out of the park ! As far as the Kids are concerned , we stuck out swinging bigtime!

Lester and Lisa Daniels

8-year old Elizabeth says – I love Slugger, he came to my school last season.

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