Opening Day is approaching for my new assistant

Getting Ready for the Season

By Ben Altsher

It’s just two days until game time and I can’t wait.  For someone like me who’s been craving to get his first full season in baseball, it’s a mix of nervousness, excitement and curiosity.

I’m nervous about making sure I have every little thing covered because even though I’m only an assistant, I feel like I’m responsible for a lot of the little things that will only be noticed if they’re not there (you can thank me for those photo cards you’ll get).  I’m excited that I finally get to start going on air and relaying all the information to our great listening audience.  I think these last two months have been the longest I’ve gone off air since I left college.  Plus, I’m also curious as to what experiences I have left this summer.  I’ve learned a lot these first two months and, like I told Mike back in January, I want the whole experience, good, bad and everything in between.

If you didn’t catch it, our roster came out over the weekend.  A lot of the fans will already recognize some of the familiar faces who played here last year.  For someone like me who only followed from afar as a Red Sox fan looking to see what was on the horizon, I’m excited about the relative youth of the club.  At 25, it’s stunning how some of these players can make me feel old.  One of our top prospects, Stolmy Pimentel, just turned 21 two months ago!

The team also got here over the weekend and I’m looking forward to meeting them tomorrow.  One of the most fascinating aspects of this particular job, to me, is the relationship with the players.  We try to relate their stories and their accomplishments, and sometimes it’s easy to forget that they’re just real people trying to make a living at what they love to do, same as me, Mike and everyone else around the team.  I know that Mike has connected with some of the guys over the years, and I hope to do the same, not for the perks of “knowing a professional athlete”, but the joy of being able to watch someone work hard at their craft and experience the success everyone wants for them.


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it sounds like you have a fantastic job!

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