Yes, I got to interview Bobby Valentine

Greetings Sea Dogs’ fans!  I can’t believe that pitchers and catchers will report to spring training in less than three weeks.   This season will be my 16th in professional baseball, and I feel like the off-season goes by quicker every season.  I can’t go any further in this blog without thanking everyone who supported my blog in 2011.  Thanks to all you, my blog ranked in the top 100, and that credit goes to all of you.  I appreciate it so much.

So it’s Monday morning after the Patriots win, and I’m still on a high after that victory.  I can’t believe how emotional I get with football.  I was literally shaking during the game on Sunday, and in the end, the Patriots didn’t break our hearts.  It’s been so much fun watching this dynasty.

Interviewing Bobby Valentine (courtesy of Portland Sea Dogs)

The official start of my season began on January 13th when I got to host the annual Sea Dogs’ Hot Stove Dinner.  Here’s the link to watch all four interviews, which includes Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine and catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

My reading suggestions

1. Liz Riley’s promotions blog

2. 2012 Coaching Staff announced – new trainer

3. Order the Tony C Story

I know host a weekly talkshow on 96.3 FM in Portland, Maine.  The show airs every Saturday from 8 AM-12 PM, and you can listen online at  My e-mail address is

Enjoy your week!


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Awesome. I would LOVE to interview Bobby V.

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