A few Super Bowl tweets by former Sea Dogs

Can’t wait for the game tonight. I’m heading home to enjoy the Super Bowl with my family, and get to see my nieces on Monday.  What a perfect weekend!

Here are some Super Bowl tweets from former Sea Dogs

Ryan Kalish @Ryan_Kalish – Regarless of the result of the game today Tom Brady has already won… Anyone who wants to argue that… Well u cant #youwilllose

Aaron Bates @A33bates – Anyone else restlessly awaiting super bowl Sunday?

Kevin Millar @kmillar 15 – Tackle the 1st person you see this morning! If they ask why? Tell them it’s football Sunday!

Anthony Rizzo @TheRizzMan27 – Who’s winning the Super Bowl? I think is could go either way.

Ryan Dent @rddeucess – Sweet…ill be flying during the entire super bowl #NOTcool

Daniel Nava @dnavs33 – Sunday set: church, SB!!! Let’s go Pats!!! Can’t wait to get it goin!

Jon Lester @jlester31 – Game time #Patriots

David Ortiz @davidortiz – Big thanks to @Patriots Tom Brady for donating a signed football to the David Ortiz Children’s Fund Auction

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