Broadcaster’s Best Friend – The Scorebook

I get this question all the time, “How do remember everyone’s at-bat during the course of the game?”  It’s very simple, my scorebook holds all the numbers and chicken scratches to make me sound smart.  During my career announcing baseball, you start figuring out little tricks to remember certain plays.  I’ll mark an infield hit as IF-1B, put a mark in the direction where a baseball is hit, and the backwards K for a called third strike.  I know most of my peers share this same dorky feeling, but there’s something special about filling out your scorebook before the game.

I’m not sure what it is, but I think it’s the time when things calm down before the game, and you’re the juices flowing for another broadcast.  Since my first game in 1997, I’ve used a four-colored pen (get made fun of a lot, but they work great) so that I can color-code certain plays.  Here’s a simple breakdown of what the colors represent: Green =  for any reaching base (except for an error, that’s in red), Red = player reaching on an error, RBI or run scored, Black = any out and Blue is what I use to write in my lineups and pitchers section.  Last week my Bob Carpenter scorebook arrived in the mail, and it got me even more excited for the season.  Bob is a Major League broadcaster with the Washington Nationals and has been in the scorebook business for over 20 years.   During one season I used a different scorebook, and it didn’t feel right.  Almost like I was cheating on Bob’s book.  I’ve included some photos of some interesting games.  I’ll post more during the season.   Hope you’ve enjoyed some of the blog entries, and you can follow me on twitter at seadogs radio or e-mail at the


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