Spring Training sights and sounds…Best athletes turned actors

With Spring Training games right around the corner, the Red Sox continue their full squad workouts at the beautiful JetBlue Park.

Red Sox open up exhibition schedule on March 3...Sea Dogs start Spring Training games on March 14 vs. New Britain

The media coverage in Ft. Myers has been unreal, and I would like to thank everyone who has covered this team, providing us with some unbelievable interviews and pictures.  Below is a few links you should check out.  I love technology!

Enjoy the audio, video and photo links below…They involve former Sea Dogs

Wow, that didn’t take long…Injuries already piling up

  1. I was the broadcaster in Erie during the 2004 season, and loved watching Joel Zumaya pitch…tough to see him out for the season.  I thought that was a great pickup for the Twins.
  2. Speaking of closers, Chris Perez of the Indians is out 4 to 6 weeks with an oblique strain.
  3. From Matt Snyder of CBS sports.com Cardinals utility man extraordinaire Allen Craig is ahead of schedule in his recovery from knee surgery, reports MLB.com. “
  4. Atlanta Braves starting pitcher Tommy Hanson returned to the field on Sunday in Florida, marking the first time he’s suited up since suffering a concussion in a car accident Monday.

Meet the 2012 Sea Dogs on April 3 at the Portland Expo

What’s the first thing you think of when you here Welcome Back?  For me, it’s Welcome Back Kotter, anyone else?  Can’t help but think of those great TV shows from my childhood.  But to serious matters, on April 3rd at the Portland Expo the Sea Dogs will hold their annual Welcome Back dinner in conjunction with Youth Alternatives Ingraham.  This is your chance to get autographs, photos and maybe some hitting tips from my favorite players.

With the Grammy’s on Sunday night, here’s my Top 1o list of Athletes Turned Actors.

  1. Jim Brown – Pro Sports Career: Played football for the Cleveland Browns from 1957 to 1965.
  2. Carl Weathers – Pro Sports Career: Played football for the Oakland Raiders & the British Columbia Lions from 1970-1974.
  3. Chuck Connors – Pro Sports Career: Played baseball for the Chicago Cubs & Brooklyn Dodgers from 1949 to 1951. Connors also played basketball for the Boson Celtics from 1946-1948.
  4. Fred Dryer – Pro Sports Career: Played football for the New York Giants & Los Angeles Rams from 1969-1981.
  5. Merlin Olsen – Pro Sports Career: Played football for the Los Angeles Rams from 1962-1976 and was known as one of the “The Fearsome Foursome”.
  6. Alex Karras – Pro Sports Career: Played football for the Detroit Lions from 1958-1962 & 1964-1970

    Ray Allen and Denzel Washington in He Got Game

  7. Bob Uecker – Pro Sports Career: Played Baseball with Milwaukee Braves, St. Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Phillies & Atlanta Braves from 1962-1967
  8. Rick Fox – Pro Sports Career: Played Basketball with Boston Celtics & Las Angeles Lakers from 1991 to 2004.
  9. Terry Bradshaw – Pro Sports Career: NFL Quarterback for the Pittsburgh Stealers
  10. Ray Allen- Pro Sports Career…Hey, I’m from Boston, I loved He’s Got Game

Have a great start to the week…Can’t wait to watch baseball again.  Seems like the off-season was quick, yet long.  Does that make any sense?

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