Keeping up the Monday Tradition

About a month ago, I decided that Monday would be the day to update my blog until the start of the season.   The start of my season is officially April 5th in Reading, but I’m heading down to Ft. Myers on March 23rd, so you’ll be hearing a lot about me through this blog.

What a view of Fenway South

I got great news this week about my weekly talk show on 96.3 FM (Portland, Maine) and  I’ll be doing my show live from JetBlue Park on March 24th.   The best part of heading down south is the weather.  After a winter in Maine, that warm Florida breeze that you feel after leaving the airport is priceless.

With Spring Training games in full force, I can’t resist from watching almost every inning.  Despite the Red Sox playing BC on Saturday, I still watched the entire game.  This is a true test of how much we all love this game.  My favorite part of Spring Training is watching players I’ve seen the year earlier in the Eastern League.  Hopefully we’ll see some surprises from Double-A land on a big league roster soon.

Crazy how bad things have gotten for Lenny Dykstra, here’s the latest from the former New York Met –

Back in the day –  On this day in Baseball History 1922: Babe Ruth signs a three-year contract with the Yankees for $52,000 per season! $1,000 per week!

Here’s more information the Sea Dogs luncheon that I’ll be hosting on March 30th –

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