My longest rain delay involved Kevin Youkilis – how about a new TV?

So how about this Monday morning?  I know it’s tough getting up to start a new work week, but 63 degrees in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.  Hopefully some of you had a planned day off, and are enjoying the sunshine.  It doesn’t have to be  in the 60’s to put us in the baseball mood.  As soon as pitchers & catchers report to Ft. Myers, our juices get flowing for the 2012 season opener.  As the Sea Dogs prepare for their exhibition opener on Wednesday in Florida, the front office continues their intense preparation in Portland, Maine.  A few days ago, the Sea Dogs announced this amazing promotion, which starts on June 29th.   Yes, Flat screen televisions will be given away.  I’m not sure I could survive without my High-Definition TV.

  • Somebody asked me last week, “How long was the longest rain delay you ever sat through?”  It was very easy to remember – 2001.  I was working for the Utica Blue Sox then, and we were playing the final game of a 4-game series in Lowell.  The Manager for the Spinners was Arnie Beyeler and the Blue Sox Manager was Kevin Boles.  I remember this day so clearly, and I do remember the 2001 season, especially since I was living in New York (not close to home), my parents made the trip to Lowell for the game that was originally planned for 5:00 PM.  They sat with me during the rain delay for about three hours, and finally left when they figured there was no way we would play.  So after 4 hours and 45 minutes, we started the game at 9:45 PM.  Also, the Lowell Spinners were nice enough to put us up in their team hotel for an extra night.

    Former Sea Dog Kevin Youkilis batted third in a game that was delayed 4 hours and 4 minutes due to rain.

  • If you look at the photo below, you’ll see that Kevin Youkilis batted third for Lowell, and went 1-for-3 with a 2-run single.  It’s amazing years later that I would be linked to both managers here in Portland, and that Youkilis would go on to a great career with the Red Sox.  This was one of those lasting memories, plus the Blue Sox lost the game 11-3.
  • Make sure to follow Elizabeth Dreeson on Twitter @Eli_Dreesox.  With the minor league exhibition season starting on Wednesday, Elizabeth will update all the happenings from minor league camp.
  • Great blog by my former broadcast partner and good friend –
  • Quick take on Peyton Manning.  I think San Francisco and Houston would be his best shot at winning a Super Bowl.  Two teams with Super Bowl defenses.

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