Thoughts are in Boston.

It’s been a weird day.  Baseball is so much about routine. You get up in the morning, do some work, go to the gym.  The afternoon consists of lunch, a nap and a bus to the park. Today, my ride the park was filled with so many emotions. I saw my twitter feed at 2:55 on the bus, and immediately told the guys what was going on.


I grew up in Ashland, MA, the second town on the Boston Marathon route. When I was a kid, I absolutely loved this day. Being able to see the élite runners in the world run, is something else. Also the Sox played at 11:00 AM. I was lucky to watch the entire game this morning from Binghamton, NY.  Seemed like a normal day, with the exception of seeing a great walk-off win by the Sox. Crazy how less than an hour after that hit by Napoli, a tragedy like this happens. It’s paralyzing. It hurts, makes you mad, sad and horrified all at once.  The Sea Dogs are playing in Binghamton, New York tonight, but my heart is in Boston.  Seems like too many of these things have happened in my lifetime.

Coverage begins at 6:15 PM on the U.S. Cellular Sea Dogs Radio Network

Pre-Game Interview:  Sea Dogs Manager Kevin Boles Part 2

Portland Lineup: Wilkerson 8, Bogaerts 6, Shaw 3, Thomas DH, Almanzar 5, Meneses 6, Hissey 7, Bermudez 9, Rosario 2, Ranaudo RHP

Binghamton Lineup: Harris 8, Cecliliani 7, Rodriguez 5, Hughes DH, Lucas 3, Centono 2, Puello 9, Muno 4, Tovar 6, Mateo RHP

Congrats to Chris Martin on being named Eastern League Pitcher of the Week

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