September 2013

Great season…Classic Mud Baseball Facts

The 2013 season was amazing for the Portland Sea Dogs.  We had so many players move up, including three that are on Boston’s current roster. Xander Bogaerts, Drake Britton and Brandon Workman were on the Opening Day roster, but are now helping the Sox in their quest to capture the American League East.

I personally wanted to thank everyone for their support on the radio broadcast and supporting the blog. I can’t tell you how much it means to me when I receive your emails.  I wanted to keep the blog going during the season with a different wrinkle. How about random baseball oddities? We’ll go inside some of the baseball’s traditions.

Did you know that throwing the ball around after a strikeout began in the 30s?  The reason was due to the baseballs being too slick, so players would spit or rub them up.  This being a baseball blog, our first off-season blog, goes inside-the-baseball.  Below is a terrific video. Enjoy!

Why they rub up the baseball