Playoff rosters with ties to the Eastern League

images-6Below are the current 25-man playoff rosters that contain former Eastern Leaguers.

77 of 200 are Eastern Leaguers (39%)

27 of 200 played in Portland (14%)

Pittsburgh has the most Eastern Leaguers at 20, Boston is second with 20.

Boston Red Sox (20 former Eastern Leaguers…17 Portland, 2 Reading, 1 Binghamton and 1 Bowie)

Craig Breslow (Portland 2013 MLB Rehab)

Clay Buchholz (Portland 2007-08)

Ryan Dempster (Portland 1998 as Marlins affiliate)

Felix Doubront (Portland 2009-11)

John Lackey (Portland 2013, MLB Rehab)

Jon Lester (Portland 2005, 2007 – MLB Rehab)

Franklin Morales (Portland 2013, MLB Rehab)

Junichi Tazawa (Portland 2009, 2011)

Koji Uehara (Bowie 2010)

Brandon Workman (Portland 2012-13)

Position Players

Quintin Berry
(Reading, 2009-10)

Xander Bogaerts (Portland 2012-13)

Mike Carp
(Binghamton, 2007-08)

Stephen Drew (Portland 2013, MLB Rehab)

Jacoby Ellsbury (Portland 2006-07)

Will Middlebrooks (Portland 2011)

Daniel Nava (Portland 2009)

David Ortiz (Portland 2008, MLB Rehab)

Dustin Pedroia (Portland 2005)

David Ross (Portland 2013, MLB Rehab)

Shane Victorino (Reading, MLB Rehab 2007-08, ’11)

Detroit Tigers (15 former Eastern Leaguers…2 Akron, 9 Erie, 1 Hardware City & New Britain, 2 Portland, 1 Trenton)

Luke Putkonen (Erie 2007)

Anibal Sanchez (Portland 2005)

Drew Smyly (Erie 2011)

Justin Verlander (Erie 2005)

Position Players

Alex Avila 
(Erie 2009)

Andy Dirks (Erie 2009-10)

Tori Hunter (Hardware City 1996, New Britain 1997-98)

Jose Iglesias
 (Portland 2010)

Omar Infante (Erie 2001)

Austin Jackson (Trenton 2008)

Don Kelly (Erie 2003-06)

Victor Martinez (Akron 2002-03, 08 MLB Rehab)

Jhonny Peralta (Akron 2002)

Hernan Perez (Erie 2013)

Ramon Santiago (Erie 2002)

Brandon Moss was a playoff hero for Portland in 2006 (photo courtesy of the Portland Sea Dogs)

Brandon Moss was a playoff hero for Portland in 2006 (photo courtesy of the Portland Sea Dogs)

Oakland A’s (8 former Eastern Leaguers…2 Canton/Akron & Akron, Connecticut & Richmond, Erie, Harrisburg, New Britain, New Haven, 3 Portland)

Grant Balfour (New Britain 2001)

Bartolo Colon (Canton/Akron 1996)

Dan Otero (Connecticut 2009, Richmond 2011)

Position Players

Coco Crisp (Akron & New Haven 2002)

Jed Lowrie (Portland 2007, 2009 MLB Rehab)

Brandon Moss (Portland 2005-06)

Derrik Norris (Harrisburg 2011)

Josh Reddick (Portland 2007-09)

Tampa Bay Rays (4 former Eastern Leaguers…2 Erie, New Haven, Trenton)

Fernando Rodney (Erie 2001-02)

Jamey Wright (New Haven 1995-96)

Position Players

Matt Joyce (Erie 2007)

Jose Molina (Trenton 2009 MLB Rehab)

Atlanta Braves (1 former Eastern Leaguer…Akron)

Position Players

Jose Constanza (Akron 2008-09)

Los Angeles Dodgers (7 former Eastern Leaguers…Altoona, Norwich, Reading, 4 Portland)

Ronald Belisario (Altoona 2007-08)

Brian Wilson (Norwich 2005)

Position Players

Carl Crawford (Portland 2012)

Tim Federowicz (Portland 2011)

Adrian Gonzalez (Portland 2002)

Nick Punto (Reading 2000)

Hanley Ramirez (Portland 2004-05)

Pittsburgh Pirates (21 former Eastern Leaguers…14 Altoona, Akron, 2 New Britain, 2 New Hampshire, Portland, Reading, 2 Trenton)

A.J. Burnett (Portland 1999, New Hampshire 2006 MLB Rehab)

Gerrit Cole (Altoona 2012)

Jeanmar Gomez (Akron 2009)

Jason Grilli (Portland 2001, Altoona 2013 MLB Rehab)

Francisco Liriano (New Britain 2004-05, Altoona 2013 MLB Rehab)

Mark Melancon (Trenton 2008)

Bryan Morris (Altoona 2010-11)

Charlie Morton (Altoona 2013 MLB Rehab)

Tony Watson (Altoona 2009-10)

Justin Wilson (Altoona 2010)

Position Players

Pedro Alvarez (Altoona 2009)

Marlon Byrd (Reading 2001, 03)

John Buck (New Hampshire 2010 MLB Rehab)

Josh Harrison (Altoona 2010)

Garrett Jones (New Britain 2004)

Starling Marte (Altoona (2011)

Jordy Mercer (Altoona 2010-11)

Andrew McCutchen (Altoona 2006-07)

Justin Morneau (New Britain 2001-03)

Jose Tabata (Altoona 2008-09, Trenton 2008)

Neil Walker (Altoona 2006-07, 13 MLB Rehab)

St. Louis Cardinals (1 former Eastern Leaguer…Akron)

Edward Mujica (Akron 2005-06)

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