Sea Dogs make up dates…April 15th, we’ll never forget

The Sea Dogs have now been postponed twice this season and have doubleheaders on the following dates: May 21st vs. Binghamton (5:00 PM) and May 31st at Trenton (Day/Night Doubleheader).

April 15th is a day we’ll never forget, and comes with conflicting emotions. The first part of the memory is the amazing breakthrough by Jackie Robinson. The entire Portland roster was scheduled to wear #42 tonight, but mother nature prevented that. I can’t wait to see those uniforms next season.


Today also marked the one-year anniversary of the tragic event at the Boston Marathon. I can remember being in Binghamton when everything started to happen. I was getting on the bus for the trip to the park, but when I looked at Twitter on my phone, I saw the news. It was paralyzing. Those emotions from 2001 kind of crept back.  Then after everything that happens, all I could think about is the families. But, the City of Boston rallied, and deserve the name Boston Strong. The Red Sox players were amazing in their efforts to fight back.

Portland returns to action on Wednesday night in the final game of the series against Binghamton. With tonight’s rainout, the ‘Dogs will not lose a series for the fourth straight time to start the season.

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