Magic Number is 6, New Britain confusing things

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The Sea Dogs hold a two-game lead (one in the loss column) over the Binghamton Mets, and return home tonight to start a six-game homestand against Akron and Richmond.

Portland’s magic number is 6 to clinch a playoff spot, and it’s a little tricky right now since the teams below them all have different games left. The ‘Dogs magic number is actually factored with 5th place New Britain, since they have less losses (62) than Trenton and New Hampshire, plus they have more games left.

Standings               W-L    GB      GR

Portland                 75-47   —        20
Binghamton          72-48  2.0      22 (Doubleheader on August 16 & 26)
Trenton                  59-63  16.0    20
New Hampshire   58-63  16.5    21 (Comp. of suspended game on August 25)
New Britain           57-62  16.5    23 (DH on August 16, 19, 26)


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