(VIDEO) Friday at Fenway South (Day 3)

The Boston Red Sox suffered a 2-1 loss in Dunedin today against the Blue Jays, but former Sea Dog Sam Travis tied the game in the ninth inning with a solo-homer. Watch Highlight

Had a great time this morning chatting with former Sea Dogs Manager Billy McMillon. After two seasons as Portland manager, Billy is now the outfield coordinator in the Red Sox  system. As I was talking to Billy, I saw Nate Spears make his way over. Nate is now a coach in the Red Sox system. He made it to Boston a few years ago, and finished his playing career in the Independent Leagues.

On the big league field, Clay Buchholz threw a simulated game. David Murphy, David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia, Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval all took batting practice. The minor league fields featured intra-squad games.

The Red Sox host the Marlins at jetBlue Park at Fenway South on Saturday. Former Sea Dog Henry Owens will make the start.


Day 2 from Fenway South

I had the privilege of calling the Sox/Twins game for MLB.com with Pawtucket broadcaster Will Flemming. Today was one of the best days I’ve had as a professional broadcaster. Getting that opportunity was amazing.

The Red Sox fell 7-2 to Minnesota, receiving their runs on a two-run single by David Murphy in the eighth. David Price made his spring debut, tossing three innings on four hits and two runs – both on back-to-back homers with two outs in the second. Price worked from the stretch the entire outing – spring is the time to work on things. I thought Hanley Ramirez looked excellent at first base. He had great reads and was quick to the ball.


Red Sox Dugout before a long day of workouts 


Early Morning at jetBlue Park

On the call for Red Sox Game Today!


My view from the WEEI home radio booth. I’m on the call for today’s game on MLB.com and At-Bat App.

Link to today’s Red Sox Broadcast

Good Morning from jetBlue Park in beautiful Ft. Myers, Florida. First pitch with the Minnesota Twins is 1:05 PM today with temps in the mid 80s. Today is my 11th time covering Spring Training for the Portland Sea Dogs, but the first time I’ll be doing play-by-play for a Boston Red Sox spring training game. I’ll be joining Pawtucket broadcaster Will Flemming on the call. The game will air on MLB.com and the At-Bat app.

I’ll be here until March 15th, covering the Sea Dogs, Red Sox and reporting on any stories related to the Red Sox system.

Red Sox lineup today: Betts RF, Pedroia 2B, , Bogaerts SS, Ortiz DH, Ramirez 1B, Sandoval 3B, Murphy LF, Swihart C, Bradley CF…and, someone named Price is on the mound. David Price makes his spring debut in today’s game against the Twins.

Thursday morning tweets from Sox Beat Writers
Pete Abraham  @PeteAbe
Clay Buchholz will throw three innings in a sim game at the Fort on Friday.

Hanley working early this morning with Butterfield at First Base, putting the time in. Yes pic.twitter.com/XjSRRKOspn

In eyes of Red Sox, Travis Shaw earning more and more playing time providencejournal.com/sports/2016030…

Ian Browne
Also, some guy Price is pitching for the @RedSox today. atmlb.com/1SCmdAH

Fellow Texans Buchholz, Beckett have walked in Kopech’s shoes, and now hope to steer him down right path weei.com/sports/boston/… via @WEEI




(Afternoon Report) Heading South! Thanks Portland Sea Dogs


Great addition to the Sea Dogs staff…Jon Nunnally is this year’s hitting coach

Usually when I leave for Ft. Myers it’s in the 30s, even colder, but on this beautiful day in New England, I’m heading to Florida for the 11th straight season. I can’t thank the Portland Sea Dogs enough for sending me down there. Yes, I’m gathering interviews and updating this blog, but being in Ft. Myers for a week is heaven. I wouldn’t call one ounce of it work.

Later tonight or early tomorrow, I’ll have a special announcement in something I participating in. Very excited to share that news.

This year I’m covering Spring Training earlier than normal – largely due to my announcement coming up. The minor league games begin on March 16th against Tampa Bay. Portland and Pawtucket travel together, and for most of the minor league spring training, the rosters are not near what opening day will look like.

Great Reading!
Margot #1 Prospect in San Diego’s system
Moncada starting on Wednesday in Bradenton


My favorite sign at Jet Blue Park.

Mailbag Monday! Great opportunity


Sam Travis was outstanding last year, but how about the twitter handle? @doctorchill6

Happy Monday! Hope you’re having a great day and getting excited for Sea Dogs Baseball exactly one month from today. The Sea Dogs open the 2016 season in Reading against the Fightin Phils.

Congrats to Pawtucket broadcasters Will Flemming and Josh Maurer on calling today’s Red Sox game for MLB.com and the MLB at-bat app. I’ll have more news on that in a few days.

On Friday, I posted on twitter (@seadogsradio) for your questions. I would love to do a Mailbag Monday during the course of the season. I received tweets and emails (seadogsradio@gmail.com)

@seadogsradio @PortlandSeaDogs lost a lot of kids to Paw and Bos last year. How’s the roster look for upcoming season? Linda, that’s a good thing. I’ve always wanted to see a homegrown roster in the big leagues. I think the question with Eduardo Rodriguez starting the season could change some things. We’ll see what happens in the outfield. Maybe David Murphy starts the season with Boston. I would say a lot of the players that came up late last year will return to Portland.

.@seadogsradio @PortlandSeaDogs Will you be referring to Benintendi as ‘Benny’ this year? #AskAntonellis I like it. I would say yes to that, but I’m assuming he’s italian. So from one italian to another, I’ll have to say his full last name. I’m really looking forward to seeing him in Portland.

@seadogsradio @PortlandSeaDogs Let’s hear about The chill man himself. @DoctorChill6 #TravisYou‘reIn One of the most underrated prospects in the Red Sox system. This guy has an advanced approach for his age. He’s all business, kind of a throwback player. The Red Sox have 4 great players coming up that could help: Benintendi, Devers, Moncada and Travis. Could be cornerstone players for years to come.  Also, I love the twitter handle.

Happy Friday! Slugger on a role, UNE Hoops

Happy Friday to all! Hopefully the start of Red Sox Spring games have you smiling. I know my mood mood has changed dramatically. I love how baseball in New England makes everyone so happy.


Slugger is always camera ready

From the Red Sox twitter account
#RedSox 3/4 Lineup vs. TB: Betts RF Pedroia 2B Bogaerts SS Ortiz DH Ramirez 1B Sandoval 3B Young LF Swihart C Bradley Jr. CF Kelly RHP

The Red Sox grabbed a 6-5 win at Minnesota’s complex on Thursday night. Boston had 15 former Sea Dogs participate in last night’s game, receiving 2 hits from Travis Shaw and 2 RBI from Marco Hernandez. The list of 15: Barnes, Brentz, Butler, Castillo, Coyle, Cuevas, Hernandez, Jerez, Light, Marrero, Martin, Ramos, Shaw, Sturgeon and Travis.

Off Baseball Topic: I do a lot of freelance work in the off-season, including the UNE Women’s Basketball team, who rank 15th in the country in Division 3. Tonight, they host the first round of the playoffs in Biddeford, Maine. I’m so happy to watch them play. The school is one the most professional places I’ve ever worked. And I thank them so much.


UNE Women’s Basketball won their 4th straight conference tournament last Saturday

Slugger does it all! 13 former Sea Dogs

Good Morning Sea Dogs Nation!

Here’s a great tweet from the Portland Sea Dogs account on Wednesday – Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Read Across AmCcjYUvuW4AAt0KSerica Day at Narragansett Elementary School📚🍎⚾️ Slugger has been busy this week and his gearing up to cheer on the fans in 2016.

The Red Sox are back at it tonight, taking on the Minnesota Twins at their complex, which is loca
ted only 10 minutes from jetBlue Park at Fenway South. Rick Porcello makes his season debut in the 7:05 PM start.

On Wednesday, the Red Sox pounded out 11 hits, but suffered a 7-4 loss to the Twins in the Grapefruit League opener at jetBlue. Boston had 13 former Sea Dogs participate in yesterday’s game: Betts, Bogaerts, Bradley Jr, Brentz, Hernandez, Johnson, Marrero, Owens, Pedroia, H. Ramirez, N. Ramirez, Swihart and Travis.


Sea Dogs Beat Writer Kevin Thomas recently won a National Award. Here are the details…Kevin is a terrific writer but a better person. He’s been covering the Sea Dogs ever since I’ve been in Portland.

Enjoy your Thursday and a reminder that tonight’s Red Sox game is on NESN-Plus due to the Bruins game.





Time to get ready for the Grapefruit League Schedule!

Happy Wednesday! The Red Sox open up their Grapefruit League schedule this afternoon, hosting the Minnesota Twins at jetBlue Park at Fenway South. Former Sea Dog Henry Owens makes the start – click here for game information. Today is the first of seven meetings to decide the Governor’s Cup. Minnesota’s Spring Training facility is only 10 minutes from Boston’s complex.

Sox lineup today vs. Twins: Betts RF, Pedroia 2B, Bogaerts SS, Ramirez 1B, Sandoval 3B, Young LF, Swihart C, Craig DH, Bradley Jr. CF, Owens LHP.

Red Sox schedule the rest of the week: Tomorrow at Minnesota, Friday vs. Rays, Saturday at Yankees and Sunday vs. Orioles.

For my Maine friends, the Big Jab 96.3 FM is the home of my talkshow, the Saturday Morning Jab. I’m on 9-12 PM every week talking sports. We’ll have of baseball talk this week. The Morning Show is currently in Ft. Myers. You can hear the station online at thebigjab.com

Former Sea Dog David Murphy ready to work
Joe Kelly looking to continue momentum
Betts wants to be the best of the best
No hard feelings by Lester
Don’t give up on Allen, according to Craig
Great article on Daniel Nava

On Sunday, the Maine Red Claws celebrate Crusher’s (team mascot) birthday by surprising him with local area mascots. Our very own Slugger took part in the festivities and executed a perfect slam dunk during the halftime show.





Happy Tuesday! I was so excited to watch Red Sox Baseball on Monday, and kudos to NESN for carrying both games. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that doubleheader air on TV – what a treat. Dave O’Brien shined in his NESN debut and seemed to form instant chemistry with Jerry Remy.

Portland Seadogs 3

Theo Epstein’s first ever draft pick and Sea Dogs 2005 MVP!

In Monday’s twinbill at jetBlue Park, the Red Sox had 27 former Sea Dogs appear in the exhibition games: Allay, Barnes, Betts, Bogaerts, Bradley Jr., Brentz, Butler, Coyle, Cuevas, Haley, Hernandez, Jerez, Light, Lin, Marrero, Martin, Mike Miller, Pedroia, Ramirez, Ramos, Rosenbaum, Scott, Shaw, Sturgeon, Swihart, Travis and Wright.

Locally, 96.3 FM the Big Jab is broadcasting their morning show all week in Ft. Myers. On Tuesday, the new voice of the Red Sox Tim Neveritt admitted his broadcast partner Joe Castiglione was one of his idols growing up. Tim was in high school when Joe started calling games. Neveritt was recently the voice of the Pittsburg Pirates and hails from New Hampshire.

Nice seeing former Sea Dogs Manager Kevin Boles coaching third base yesterday. Boles is 65 wins away from 1,000 in his minor league career.

Video Highlights from Monday
Moncada with a great first impression
Betts with a blast
Shaw RBI double
Brentz with some muscle

Some Great Reading
Please follow PawSox Broadcasters Will Flemming and Josh Maurer, terrific blog
Brotherly Love! Great piece on the Brentz Brothers
Sea Dogs 2005 MVP is back! David Murphy signs with Boston
Nice feature
on Sam Travis
Cafardo on Craig

Around the Sea Dogs Front Office
Slugger The Sea Dog at Leeds Central School for the “Read to ME Challenge” with all his new friends! 
“Maine Day” Sea Dogs/Red Sox Combo Ticket Packages
Sea Dogs, U.S. Cellular Host Contest to Revitalize Youth Field
Sea Dogs Host Job Fair


Moncada could make his Double-A debut at some point in 2016

Sea Dogs Career ERA Leaders  (MIN. 120 IP)YEAR
2.44 Henry Owens
2.57 Jon Lester
2.59 Marc Valdes
2.71 Tony Saunders
2.81 Geoff Duncan
2.98 Junichi Tazawa
3.12 Felix Doubront
3.13 Chris Hernandez1
3.21 Tom McGraw
3.23 Kevin Olsen
3.25 Keith Couch









Let’s Get it Started!

I know Mondays can be tough on everyone, but just think, the Red Sox begin their exhibition schedule today. The Sox play a single-admission doubleheader at JetBlue Park against Boston College and Northeastern.

The Sea Dogs open up the 2016 season on Thursday, April 7th at Reading. I’m getting very excited for the season. Once March hits, the month flies by.  Once again, all Sea Dogs games can be heard on 95.9/95.5 in Portland, Maine. In addition, we have a tune-in app and MiLB.TV.

There’s been a lot of talk all over New England-based radio shows about the issues with Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval, I’d like to focus on some of the intriguing and exciting things. The Red Sox added David Price, Craig Kimbrell and gave Dave Dombrowski a 5-year contract. Price will add so much off the field to the Red Sox. He’s a true ace in many different ways.

ComboTix_palni6tj_qat85ep8Great article by Ian Browne of Red Sox.com on former Sea Dog Sam Travis 

Maine Day”Sea Dogs/ Red Sox Combo Ticket Packs are on-sale, check out this great promotion


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