Heading Back Home

I mentioned this last week but I must mention it again. The airlines have done a tremendous thing to make their customers happy — free internet in the airport. I was shocked to hear the internet was free at JFK in New York but now it’s free every where. Now more people will be getting work done or updating their facebook status.

Right now I’m waiting to head back home and get the 2010 season underway. Once I arrive at Spring Training, I feel like the season has started, despite the games not counting. The one great thing about spring training baseball — it’s just baseball. There isn’t all the bells and whistles going off or annoying radio guys (ha ha), plus, baseball during the day is special.

I look forward to bringing the fans and everyone on the internet another exciting season of Sea Dogs baseball. This is going to be another special season in Portland from the great players on the field to the great promotions planned.

This was my favorite photo from spring training. I am not at all a great photographer and getting a shot with the baseball so close to the bat was complete luck,


Opening Day at Hadlock Field is April 15 against the Trenton Thunder but Portland opens up next Thursday in Reading. Hopefully this weekend, the complete roster will be set.

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